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Turmeric Forte

Standardized for Bioavailable Curcumin*+

+Contains dietary ingredient (formulation of curcumin with Fenugreek dietary fiber), found to have enhanced bioavailability of curcuminoids over unformulated curcumin. 3*

History of Turmeric The rhizome of Curcuma longa (Turmeric) has been used for thousands of years as a spice and in Ayurveda tradition. Science has long supported this proud tradition, with Turmeric - particularly the important active ingredient, curcumin - being extensively studied.

Curcumin is the active component of the rhizome of Turmeric. It is often used as shorthand for the total curcuminoids such as curcumin, demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin.

We have known since the 1980s that curcumin has poor bioavailability whether taken as food or as a standardized extract. The poor oral bioavailability of curcumin has been regarded as a key factor limiting its use as an efficient natural supplement, despite the numerous health benefits associated with it.*

MediHerb Turmeric Forte is a formulation of Fenugreek seed dietary fiber and Turmeric rhizome, which has been standardized to deliver bioavailable curcumin+ so it may be easier to absorb. This allows you to take fewer tablets and get the desired outcome.*

Features and Benefits

  • ✓ Contains clinically tested active ingredient (formulation of curcumin with Fenugreek dietary fiber) which has shown that the relative absorption of curcuminoids had 24.8 TIMES the bioavailability of an equivalent amount of unformulated curcuminoids.3+
  • Multi-Action Formula – MediHerb Turmeric Forte can be prescribed in conjunction with existing protocols where additional anti-inflammatory support is indicated.*
  • Standardized MediHerb Specifications For Bioavailable Curcumin – MediHerb’s stringent testing processes ensure the total curcuminoids are retained in the product throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Meets MediHerb High-Quality Standards – manufactured to MediHerb standards of phytochemical profile by using the traditional solvents ethanol and water which allow for broader extraction.
  • MediHerb Manufacturing Expertise – manufactured in Australia to pharmaceutical GMP standards.
  • Provides “Free Curcumin” – bioavailable form of curcumin.*
  • Plant-Sourced Bioavailability Technology – MediHerb Turmeric Forte uses a plant-sourced bioavailable form of curcumin that combines Turmeric rhizome with Fenugreek seed dietary fiber.
  • GMO Free*
Turmeric Forte, 60 Tablets
Turmeric Forte, 60 Tablets
Turmeric Forte, 60 Tablets, Rev 03 Supplement Facts

Turmeric Forte, 60 Tablets

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Why use MediHerb Turmeric Forte?

Increased Bioavailability*+

With Free Curcumin

Traditional curcumin is known to have low bioavailability.1 Low bioavailability is partly due to poor absorption, rapid metabolism and rapid clearance from the body.1 This means when non-bioavailable curcumin is swallowed, either as Turmeric rhizome or isolated (unformulated) curcumin, a lot of it is not used by the body.*

MediHerb Turmeric Forte provides a bioavailable form of curcumin by combining Turmeric rhizome with Fenugreek seed extract creating “free curcumin.” Several clinical studies have demonstrated the enhanced absorption and bioavailability of this curcumin-fenugreek extracted formulation compared to “unformulated” curcumin. MediHerb has chosen specialized plant-sourced bioavailability technology that provides “free curcumin” to help you support your patients.* The absorption and bioavailability of the curcumin-fenugreek fiber extracted formulation has been compared to unformulated “curcumin” in several clinical studies.

60 or 180 tablet bottle?

We carry two different size bottles (60 and 180 tablets). If deciding which one to purchase, take into consideration that we have free shipping on the 180 count bottle. 

Why Purchase MediHerb Turmeric Forte?

  • ✓ Supports a healthy inflammation response to exercise*
  • ✓ Used traditionally to maintain and support healthy joints*
  • ✓ Provides antioxidant activity*
  • ✓ Supports healthy response to environmental stressors*
  • ✓ Supports healthy liver function*
  • ✓ Used traditionally to support healthy digestion*

Who may benefit from MediHerb Turmeric Forte?

  • ✓ Those requiring support of the body’s normal inflammatory response*
  • ✓ Those requiring joint support*
  • ✓ Older patients, athletes and those with an active lifestyle wanting to maintain healthy joint mobility*
  • ✓ Those requiring antioxidant and liver detoxification support*

Download the MediHerb Turmeric Forte Trifold Brochure

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Use this brochure to better understand how Turmeric Forte works and if it may be right for you. 

This handout is filled with useful resources to better understand why Turmeric Forte is our top-selling product.

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Turmeric Forte 180T Bottle Image
Turmeric Forte 180T Bottle Image
Turmeric Forte, 180 Tablets, Rev 01 Supplement Facts

Turmeric Forte, 180 Tablets

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MediHerb, The Quality Choice 

Over 30 years of experience in natural health care

For over 30 years, MediHerb has provided health care professionals with high-quality herbal products. Primary research, clinical experience and respect for traditional evidence defines the MediHerb approach to innovation – tried, tested, trusted and true.

Manufactured to pharmaceutical GMP standards

All MediHerb products are manufactured under pharmaceutical GMP and subject to our rigorous and specialized testing to ensure they contain what is on the label for suitable clinical results batch after batch. We’ve invested in our own state-of-the-art laboratories featuring the latest technological equipment for precision, accuracy and quality control. Testing occurs at various stages of production and follows strict criteria, so you can be sure every MediHerb product is of the highest quality and consistent potency.

Results-driven formulations

Standardized ingredients and quantified activity levels are tested where relevant and allow us to ensure MediHerb formulas retain potency and deliver suitable doses throughout their shelf life. Our labels state exactly how much each product contains of the important plant constituents, so you know exactly what you are prescribing to your patients and can rest assured that our formulations are produced at suitable doses.

Our top-selling product is available in 60 and 180 count bottles.

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1 Anand P, Kunnumakkara AB, Newman RA et al. Mol Pharm 2007; 4(6): 807-818
2 Krishnakumar IM, Ravi A, Kumar D et al. J Funct Foods 2012; 4(1): 348-357
3 Kumar D, Jacob D, Subash PS et al. J Funct Foods 2016; 22, 578-587
+Contains dietary ingredient (formulation of curcumin with Fenugreek dietary fiber), found to have enhanced bioavailability of curcuminoids over unformulated curcumin.*3
Please consult the product packaging label for the most accurate product information. See cautions and/or contraindications on the product label before using.