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Standard Process & MediHerb®

Bone and Soft Tissue Support Plans

Trauma, tears, breaks, fractures and inevitably surgery happens to most Americans at some time. What happens next can drastically reduce healing times and create a more comfortable recovery. Healthy people with healthy lifestyles heal faster. Our plans are designed for those who want to see faster and better results. Explore our plans to learn which products support your recovery and strength goals.*

Healthy Bone and Connective Tissue Support Plan

This plan encourages the formation of healthy connective tissue to keep bones strong and healthy.*

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Healthy Bone Strength Support Plan

This plan provides foundational nutrients through a healthy capillary system to support healthy bone formation.*

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Healthy Ligament Support Plan

This plan traditionally promotes healthy blood circulation along with healthy capillaries. It also supports the body's normal connective tissue repair and synthesis processes.*

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Pre and Post Surgery Recovery Plan

This plan supports the normal recovery of healthy tissue and immune system.*

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The Importance of Medical Professionals

If you are on pharmaceutical products and would like a medical professional to help regulate dosages and herbal interactions, please request an online appointment.

Health Screening and Risk Management

Pharmaceutical Dosing Modulation 

Herbs and Drug Interactions

Medical Testing and Tracking of Metrics

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Better understand functional testing, symptom patterns and priority of products in this plan. We can tailor fit a plan to fit your unique body chemistry.

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