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About Us

Our practice is located in the flattest town in the flattest county in the flattest part of Illinois surrounded by corn and bean fields. Welcome to the Midwest. What we lack in topography, we enjoy an abundance of small-town charm. We know how to treat people because around here we know we are going to see you again and we all need to work together.

The world is smaller than it looks. We treat people how we expect to be treated... with respect, dignity and understanding. Health issues are tough enough to live with. We want you to have an easy time so you can focus on healing.

Dr. Hemmer founded Tuscola Pain and Wellness Center over 26 years ago on an idea that the healthiest people take care of themselves with a little help from some friends. Our team's goal is to help people move towards living a life free of pain, without symptoms. 

Thanks again for stopping by and getting to know us. Drop us a line if you need a hand.

Bill Hemmer, Clinic Director

Dr. Hemmer provides chiropractic and nutritional services to thousands of individuals every year since he opened Tuscola Pain & Wellness in 1996.

He is an accredited national speaker for doctors using Standard Process and MediHerb products to support those suffering with pain, digestive, allergy, stress and hormone issues.

Dr. Hemmer provides integrative, functional and regenerative services to help people live more productive lives. You'll love his down-to-earth and science-based approach.

Kristina Smith APRN

Ellen Lynch, Office Manager

For 19 years, Ellen has been the person greeting you when you come in to see us.

As the Office Manager, she helps you understand and navigate your insurance, makes your appointments, provides a comfortable and relaxing experience and answers all of your questions with a smile.

July Baumann, Therapy Technician

July is the newest member of the Tuscola Pain & Wellness Center. Her welcoming smile and engaging personality fit well with her Therapy Technician role.

July plans to continue her education in health science while she helps you feel better today.

Kristina Smith Registered Nurse

Kristina provides her Advanced Practice Registered Nursing expertise at the Tuscola Pain & Wellness Center.

 Her experience for Regenerative Medicine and Rejuvenation is clear to see when you meet her. She specializes in Stem Cell Therapy for skin and hair restoration. She also provides Exosome Therapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma injection applications for knees, shoulders and back related disabilities.

Kristina Smith APRN

Victoria Beachy, Health Coach

Victoria joined our practice family almost 2 years ago and has made quite an impact on patient care.

She completed her Certified Health coaching program and takes her commitment about helping people very seriously.

As a Therapy Technician, her job is to explain why and how our physical therapy treatments will help you with your pain and make you feel better.

Address & Contact

902 S Court St, Tuscola, IL 61953

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8am - 12pm & 1pm - 6pm

Tuesday, Thursday
1pm - 6pm